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Posted by Ingrid Main on Feb 15, 2018 9:00:00 AM

I recently bought 4 bottles of hand soap from a store that I was at and they were a dollar each. The bottle was nice and fair quantity and they had pretty pictures of the fragrances lavender, coconut, jasmine and orange. When I got home the first time I used one of them I realized why they were a dollar. They didn’t lather up; the consistency was goopy and clearly this was a low-quality item. It would take me months to use them all and every time I washed my hands I would get mad that I bought 4 bottles! I finally threw them out.

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Different Kinds of Sales

Posted by Kati Box on Feb 8, 2018 9:56:29 AM


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Super Bowl Sunday!

Posted by Chuck Michel on Feb 3, 2018 11:15:27 AM

This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday and I have to say that there is little doubt in my mind that in this great country of ours life pretty much revolves around this annual championship game of the National Football League. It is the highest level of professional football in the U.S., culminating a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. Super Bowl 1 was played on January 15, 1967, following the 1966 regular season. This Sunday’s game is Super Bowl LII (52), and for many that will be tuned in, nothing else matter in life but what happens on the gridiron. For others it might be how creative the commercials are during the breaks, or how will Justin Timberlake do during this years Pepsi half time show

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Location, Location, Location!

Posted by Chuck Michel on Jan 25, 2018 9:00:00 AM


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When is it a good time to spend on trade shows?

Posted by Loren Ellis on Jan 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM


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Pre-Show Know Before You Go!

Posted by Chuck Michel on Jan 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM


I have always been a big proponent of pre-show planning, it’s a topic that I often share with customers and or colleagues when discussing their upcoming face- to-face event. I thought I would share my checklist with you, it’s straight forward and I have found it to be on target when discussing one’s strategic approach to exhibiting. Frankly quite often they find the questions to be somewhat enlightening, and often end up with a much different perspective on how to approach the show after some discussion. I call it ‘Know Before You Go’ Why are you Going? Exhibit for the right reason!

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The 'Do Nots' of Tradeshow Exhibiting

Posted by Chuck Michel on Jan 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM


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Go Green... Switch to Paperless Invoices

Posted by Chandler Renee on Sep 5, 2017 12:02:56 PM

Here at ELITeXPO, we try to be as green as possible. Currently, we are a part of EPA’s Smartway Logistics Program – you can read all about it HERE. To continue our efforts to stay green, we encourage our customers to get paperless invoices. Switching over to paperless emailed invoices not only saves paper, but saves you time searching for that invoice on your desk. The process is quite easy and can be done by the time your coffee is done brewing!

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Asset Management - So Much More Than Exhibit Storage

Posted by Chuck Michel on Aug 17, 2017 9:40:42 AM

Are you tired of trying to find everything around your office or warehouse that you need for your next trade show? Do you have to run down to the local "Your Storage Unit" facility every time your company attends an event? Do your event materials return back from your shows dirty or with damage?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you just may need to think about your Asset Management Program.


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ELITeXPO's 2017 Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet

Posted by Heidi Maschmann on Aug 8, 2017 3:47:04 PM

Celebrating 30 Years in Business, our Annual Meeting had some extra special moments. Several days of meetings, training, networking, and hands-on demonstrations had ELITeXPO staff from all over the country busy learning all about the latest and greatest. The Awards Banquet was a spectacular night of camaraderie, good food, and fun. We also took some time to thank David and Leslie Mihalik for being such amazing business owners and incredibly generous human beings.

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