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ELITeXPO's 2017 Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet

Posted by Heidi Maschmann on Aug 8, 2017 3:47:04 PM
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Celebrating 30 Years in Business, our Annual Meeting had some extra special moments. Several days of meetings, training, networking, and hands-on demonstrations had ELITeXPO staff from all over the country busy learning all about the latest and greatest. The Awards Banquet was a spectacular night of camaraderie, good food, and fun. We also took some time to thank David and Leslie Mihalik for being such amazing business owners and incredibly generous human beings.

There was a big focus on training. ELITeXPO's CEO, Dave Mihalik stated, "We've focused on upgrading our systems this year. We've moved to the Cloud with new accounting software, new CRM, new email, new phones, and we're in the testing phase with our new custom ERP system. It was a great time to make sure that everyone was comfortable with all the new technology so we can move forward on providing even better service to our customers."

We also had some great hands-on demos with our sales team so they could actually assemble a trade show exhibit themselves to better understand the components, the various graphic materials, and how the items are packaged in our cases and crates.


With the expansion of our international shipping services, we had a breakout session with training on the latest rules, document requirements, and best practices. In addition, Friday afternoon’s agenda also included Chuck Michel presenting a few Tradeshow Services Case Studies on recent new business wins. Jordan Mihalik brought us up to speed on the latest tools being used by our Marketing team and gave our account representatives some tips on how to better use marketing technology and social media. (We're now on Snapchat!)

The employees came together to celebrate David and Leslie Mihalik. 30 years in business is an incredible milestone and we are all so proud to have them as both bosses and friends. We brought out the cake and balloons, and presented them with a special custom art piece to commemorate our appreciation.


Saturday evening was the Annual Awards Banquet. What an exciting, fun-filled night! Celebrating 30 years in business, ELITeXPO continued the annual tradition by also celebrating Employee of the Year, Helen Wilkinson; Blue Chip of the Year, Joe Pinedo; Million Dollar Club recipients, 10 Year Employees, Kathryn Craig and Sandy Boelter; and 20 Year Employees, Michelle Brink, Michelle (Roger) Kujawski, Heidi Maschmann, and Scott McClain.

Helen-Dave.jpgJordan Mihalik advised, "It was such a great time being able to sit and talk with everyone you may only see a few times a year. We always have so much fun." She added, "Being face-to-face is so important. It's like going to a tradeshow. You just get more out of a conversation when you are with the person you are speaking to."

Plans for next year's meeting have already begun and we're hopeful it turns out as well as this year's did.


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