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ELITeXPO's Annual Meeting and Party

Posted by Jordan Mihalik on Jul 25, 2016 11:26:27 AM

Once a year, over here in the land of XPO Pink and Eli the Pig, we get together as a whole at our corporate office in South Elgin, IL for our Annual Meeting. Of course it’s a big party because we get to see the co-workers from out of state, (we are a fun group) but it’s also a WONDERFUL learning and growing opportunity for us as a company. This year it is being held on August 4th-6th.

We have 2 days of meetings, training, and product demonstrations. IMG_5107.jpgWe talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not that we don’t try and improve ourselves as employees everyday but there is something about being able to sit and talk face to face with someone that gets the job done a little better. At least that’s my opinion.

 With sitting through meetings ALL day for 2 days, of course we end out the work days with a fun filled weekend. It really gives us a time to make some memories with the people we spend 8 hours, sometimes 10 hours a day with. I mean heck, I see my co-workers more than my friends and family! Getting together as a TEAM, a company, a family is really important.

I love when our “Annul Meeting” comes around. I am a clean freak and want everything to be perfect so when the meeting comes around I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But hey, it’s so worth it when everyone is finally together. I have already started my cleaning tasks and as I was covered in dust and had about 30 paper clips in my hair I thought, “I wonder if anyone else gets together to learn and bond like we do here?” Of course I am one of the youngest employees so I want to learn as much as I can and find out people’s secrets on how to be as valuable an employee as possible.

Dave_Podium.jpgI feel that it is crucial to have these meetings and see the people who are working outside of the corporate office. It gives everyone a chance to put a face to a name or just get to know them as a person. So many issues are fixed and resolved during this time and I always learn so many new things.

At the end of this weekend we also have a “Company Party” and Awards Banquet. There we have a nice dinner, win some cool gifts, and give out a few achievement awards! Everyone is smiling and laughing and talking about funny office stories from 10 years back. We are celebrating three 10-year anniversaries and a 20-year anniversary this year, which I think is amazing for our company to have such loyal employees.

Every year we have more and more to celebrate and recognize and every year I am proud to be part of Team XPO!

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