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Haunted Halloween

Posted by Jordan Mihalik on Oct 27, 2016 1:46:12 PM

My Love for Halloween:

If you are anything like me, then the month of October is your FAVORITE month of the year! We start to see the season really change into Fall as the weather gets a little bit chilly and the leaves begin to fall. Besides the fact that Fall is my favorite season, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love everything that has to do with Halloween. Haunted houses, candy, dressing up, and the list goes on!

The wonderful month of October is still a busy time for trade shows. While I may get to stay home during the busy season, a lot of you are probably still traveling. Since October is almost Octover, here are some places where you can have some haunted fun while visiting one of these trade show destinations!

  • New Orleans, LA
  • Savannah, GA
  • Chicago, ILPumpkinRight.jpg

Haunted Travel Destinations

New Orleans:

If you find yourself in New Orleans, LA and you are looking for somewhere haunted to stay, then Hotel Monteleone is the place to be! It is rumored that a ghost, a 10-year-old boy haunts the 14th floor. There have been many stories of others who have stayed on the 14th floor, all of which have left them wondering, are ghosts real??

Read the hotel's history!

Going to check out the haunt for yourself? Let us know if you have an encounter with the paranormal! 


Savannah, GA is somewhere that I hope to go to soon! HCEA was just hosted here and it is among one of the most haunted cities! I've always wanted to visit Savannah based on its southern roots and long history and maybe because anything haunted intrigues me!

Visit the 10 most haunted places in Savannah:

  • 432 Abercorn Street
  • Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Calhoun Square
  • Olde Candler Hospital Morgue Tunnel
  • Sorrel-Weed House
  • The 17Hundred90 Inn
  • The Moon River Brewing Company
  • The Gribble House
  • The Pirate's House
  • Madison Square

You can get all of the scary info here:

To really get in the Halloween spirit not only are the buildings haunted, the bars are too! Savannah features many haunted bar tours. Boos and Brews is one of the top award winning things to do while you’re in GA!

I hope to take this tour someday soon, but just in case you get there before I do, tell me all about it!


Of course we have to add a favorite haunted location right here in Chicago. Make sure you make your reservation to stay in Room 441 at the Congress Plaza Hotel on Michigan Avenue. Multiple spirits haunt the halls including that of Al Capone. Only the strongest of heart should book a night's stay in their Room 441 as it has the most notable reputation for experiences in the entire hotel. Get more of the haunting details here.

You can book an entire Haunted Chicago Bus Tour.

Some other cities that claim to be haunted are:

Watch Out!!

Time for Trick or Treat:

Halloween is right around the corner, which means I need to start getting my costume together. I would love to see everyone all dressed up, don’t hesitate to share your spooky, funny or cute Halloween costumes! I am going to be Chucky this year. Who knows, I might end up in a haunted city and I will ask the ghosts, "wanna play?"


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