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Location! - Location! - Location!

Posted by Chuck Michel on Jun 17, 2016 9:30:00 AM

What comes to mind when you hear that phrase? Well if you are like me you think of the old real estate adage that speaks to the importance of location when one is in search of a new home or rental property. A British real estate tycoon who owned a super expensive estate in one of London’s fashionable districts supposedly first coined the phrase. Some also speculate that the word ‘location’ is repeated three times to call out the tier of priorities: excellent location, a mediocre location or a lousy location.

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Trade Show Booth Rental - 8 Reasons It Makes Sense

Posted by Chuck Michel on Jun 16, 2016 12:58:09 PM

"Why would I want to rent my next trade show booth?"

I often get this question when talking to clients who are preparing for their next event. While many will agree, just like that ‘new car’ smell you get when you first drive off the lot, there is also that same ‘freshness’ when taking your exhibit out for it’s first spin on the trade show floor. However, there are many good reasons to consider booth rental as opposed to owning a booth. I would like to share what I think are some key factors to consider when evaluating a purchase vs. a rental. In no particular order they are:

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8 Critical Details for Accurate Trade Show Shipping Estimates

Posted by Amy Campbell on Jun 6, 2016 3:03:36 PM

Accurate estimates are built on little details that most of us can often take for granted.  Receiving incorrect or incomplete data during the quoting process can lead to unforeseen charges, as well as lead to potential errors in the shipping process.  Here are some of the most common areas that should be covered when planning for a successful shipping experience:

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Advance Warehouse or Direct to Show Site?

Posted by Jack Sackis on May 23, 2016 11:36:31 AM

Should I Ship My Trade Show Display to the Advance Warehouse or Direct to Show Site?

It's a question that comes up over and over. You've got your exhibitor show kit, you've decided what you're sending to the event, and now you have to decide if you're shipping your booth to the Advance Warehouse or Direct to Showsite. There are reasons to send to both, not limited to but including time, money and ease.

For ELITeXPO, our recommended choice will usually be Advance Warehouse when you have time. We do recommend you do the math when you are choosing one way over the other. You may think shipping direct to show is the cheaper way to go, however there are other things to consider.

What are the fees involved?
What kind of time frame do I have?
How much am I shipping in?
Will I be sending multiple shipments to the show?


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Working from Home – The Reality of a Remote Career

Posted by Kati Box on May 9, 2016 6:08:44 PM

Have you ever thought about working from home?

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9 Must-Haves When Packing for Trade Shows

Posted by Michael R. on Apr 25, 2016 2:10:41 PM

Break Out That Suitcase:

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