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Portable Exhibit Benefits

Posted by Chuck Michel on Jun 23, 2016 3:28:19 PM
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While attending a recent industry tradeshow I came across some industry colleagues engaged in a debate over whether or not portable exhibits can match up and offer a strong presence when up against more elaborate custom inline systems. It was an interesting discussion and I wanted to share some of the common points brought up by many when it comes to the ‘pros’ of these lightweight, portable displays. Below are some thoughts that were shared among the group that you might find helpful to you when debating on portable inline displays vs. the more elaborate custom systems.

  • 594VBurst_10ft_KitE.jpgPortable tradeshow booths provide you with a cost-efficient alternative to custom trade show displays. They are highly versatile, easy to transport and assemble, and will afford a strong presence at a variety of different types of shows with different space configurations. Many of these systems are tool-less.
  • Portable booths also allow you to effectively showcase your company with eye-catching designs and graphics. They are far less expensive than custom trade show booth displays and will enable you to stretch your marketing and sales budget without skimping on image and impact at a show.
  • Essential to the success of a portable booth is to incorporate high-impact graphics that will attract booth visitors and portray CONNEX_20ft_KIT_D.jpgthe product message and benefits in a powerful, compelling manner. Most, if not all systems provide a vast amount of space for large format, visually impactful graphics.
  • Most portable tradeshow booths have lightweight, pop-up frames that either snap together, or connect using a tool-less system.  Many of the better systems are durable and hold up extremely well after many uses. A real bonus is that they take very little time to both assemble and tear down.
  • While ELITeXPO is always happy to ship your booth for you, it is important to note that for local/regional shows where you are on your own, portable systems can be transported in a size that easily fits in any vehicle from a compact car to an SUV, and all the portable systems that ELITeXPO offers come in cases with wheels that make getting to and from any vehicle a breeze!
  • Express_KitE.jpgWith some of the portable displays, you can even use the shipping case as a front counter. Look for displays that offer case-to-counter conversion kits. They have a graphic wrap and tops that make the case/counter both efficient and pleasant to look at in the booth space.
  • Graphics for these booths are not only simple to put together, but also can be easily updated as frequently as needed or even switched out depending on the circumstances. This will save you the hassle and expense of buying multiple booths.

I hope that some of the above pointers will make it a little easier when looking for your next trade show display system.

Cheers… Chuck

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