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Trade Show Booth Rental - 8 Reasons It Makes Sense

Posted by Chuck Michel on Jun 16, 2016 12:58:09 PM
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"Why would I want to rent my next trade show booth?"

I often get this question when talking to clients who are preparing for their next event. While many will agree, just like that ‘new car’ smell you get when you first drive off the lot, there is also that same ‘freshness’ when taking your exhibit out for it’s first spin on the trade show floor. However, there are many good reasons to consider booth rental as opposed to owning a booth. I would like to share what I think are some key factors to consider when evaluating a purchase vs. a rental. In no particular order they are:


Booth_Rental.jpg1.  Cost

Plain and simple, renting displays costs less.


2.  Invest Wisely

Renting displays allows you to spend more of your budget on your trade show graphics and messaging.


3.  Flexibility

Different trade shows appeal to different attendees. Booth rental offers the flexibility of changing your display and graphics from show to show.


4.  Overlapping Trade Shows

Don't choose between attending two important trade shows. Renting exhibits means you can have an effective presence at both shows.


Rental_Island_Exhibit.jpg5.  Upgrading

Flexibility is important to every business or organization. When you rent your exhibit, you can change your display quickly because your resources aren't tied up in the structure. This gives you the freedom to target your marketing messaging and graphic design for specific trade shows. Plus, renting means you can move into a larger space if and when you need to.


6.  Installation & Dismantle Included

When you rent, install and dismantle can be included, eliminating one less hassle.

7.  No Storage Expense

Display storage can be expensive, prepping it can be time consuming, and shipping it can be confusing. When you rent, there is no storage expense and there are no delivery or prep hassles.


8.  Testing

Booth rental offers the benefit of testing a trade show display before you invest in its purchase. When you make the decision to purchase, you will know you have made the right choice.


ELITeXPO has a large inventory of rental exhibit properties to select from that would be the perfect solution for your next trade show. We would be happy to talk to you to in an effort to determine if renting is right for you. Click the button below to schedule your free trade show display consultation.




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