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Trade Show Exhibits? Yes... We Can Help You With That!

Posted by Heidi Maschmann on Nov 2, 2016 3:55:23 PM
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It's funny to think that some of our customers are still not aware that we offer trade show exhibits for sale and rental. We've been doing so since 2009. I guess when you've been as successful as we have at trade show shipping for nearly 30 years that people see us as just an exhibit logistics company. So, it's our job to make sure that EVERYONE is aware that we offer a full array of trade show services AND products!


BlueStar_Exhibit_Display.jpgWe didn't set out one day with a goal to expand our product offerings. Nope, that managers huddle never happened. The truth is that we simply responded to the demand by many of our customers that we provide them the ability to make one phone call, to the folks that they already trusted with their shipping, and be able to have us handle everything else for them, as well. So, we did it for a few customers. Then a few more. Next thing we know, we had to start hiring staff to manage all of the exhibit orders, install and dismantle requirements, display pull and prep, etc. So, when the meeting finally did happen, it was more of a "now that we're doing all of this, how we can we offer more and do it better" meeting. Our Tradeshow Services department was born.

Here we are seven years into providing complete trade show solutions for a large percentage of our existing clients and for new customers and yet we're still hearing from others that they had no idea that we did more than shipping. I'm here to tell EVERYONE that ELITeXPO offers:

I guess what I want to say is that we're all super excited to handle the shipping of your display. If that's all you ever have us do for you, we'll be glad to provide you with the best stress-free experience getting your exhibit into and out of your event. But if you need anything else for your show that we can assist you with, let us show you how we can be your one-stop solution for everything trade show.

Trade Show Exhibits? Yes... We Can Help You With That!!!

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